Manufacturing Operations Management and Consulting Services

Operational Improvement Services to Help Your Manufacturing Facility Achieve its Goals

Position your manufacturing facility as a leader in the industry and become more competitive in price and delivery. MRN’s manufacturing consulting services allow your business to achieve significant growth by fully optimizing both your processes and your team to improve customer satisfaction, streamline operations, and cut production costs. Achieve your goals and become more profitable as we help transform inefficiencies into competitive advantages.

Our wide range of manufacturing consulting services include:

Manufacturing Drawing and Technical Writing

  • Solidworks 3D modeling capabilities range from simple part design to complex, multi-part assemblies
  • Organization of part model libraries and optimization of descriptive text used for web based part catalogs
  • 2D services include architectural floor plans, elevations, and site plans
  • Emergency response and evacuation plans for commercial, industrial, health care, and educational facilities

CNC Programming Services – On-Site or Remote

  • Art to Part realizations for multi-axis milling and turning applications. Turnkey projects including tooling selection
  • Significant experience in Mastercam, Solidworks, and Gibbscam programming. Macro building and G-Code programming also available
  • Familiarity with Fanuc, Mitsubishi, and Thinc controllers
  • CMM programming service available as well as help with portable CMM inspection

Workholding Design

  • Designs for innovative fixturing for milling, turning, and assembly operations
  • Design of specialized cutting tools and gaging

CE Marking Support

  • Assistance with obtaining the CE Mark and the related consulting

Special Equipment Design and Fabrication

  • Conceptualize, design, and fabricate machinery for unique applications
  • Designer and fabricator of automated prototype welding equipment

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Whether you are looking for manufacturing consulting services or would like to learn about our other offerings, contact us today. Both of our founders, Jordan and Gerry, are friendly and eager to help.

Why do you need our supply operations manufacturing managing services ?

The manufacturing operations fuel almost every aspect of the business. If it goes misapprehended, even the biggest enterprises can easily be derailed. If you feel concerned, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you wish to reduce the working capital requirement?
  • Is your company single-sourced?
  • Do you often face difficulties in delivery management?
  • Are you unable to meet demand and supply chain?
  • Do you often feel the need for a helping hand in manufacturing operations management?

If you find yourself nodding to most of these and many more identical probes, your company might consider leveraging our management consulting services.

Achieve high supply chain savings with Manufacturing Resource Network’s operations manufacturing managing services

At MRN, we can address quality issues that usually interrupt your business. By creating modules for ‘rework,’ we can help enhance customer service through consulting on manufacturing, inventory and turnover management.

Supply chain modeling and optimization

Using the latest techniques, MRN’s manufacturing operation manager pushes the optimization and management to the next level through advanced AI algorithms and machine learning protocols. Genetic analysis, advanced searches, information tracking, and data validation become sinecure. Further, realistic results are achieved thanks to the manufacturing operations direction from our experts for aspects of your business such as locations, multiple constraints, demand, workflow, processes, production, etc.

Our guidance goes just beyond ordinary

As a part of our premium manufacturing operations consulting we analyze the bottom line of your business, thereby identifying margins of growth and correction. We help companies with ethical sourcing of the products and components so that they meet the required standards of the market. We use the best practices from our years of collective experience to foster a manufacturing program that brings the most tangible benefits such as:

  • Gross expansion of the margin
  • Well-thought-out cost reductions
  • Increase in working capital-ratios
  • Shorter manufacturing lead times
  • Lower excess of stock
  • Removal of obsolete stock
  • Superior quality management, testing, and checking

We map the way your company advances and transform

Workforce analytics

Offering data-driven insight for workforce planning, validation, recruitment, and strategy management

Sell and separate

Let our manufacturing operation manager assist you in deciding what and when to monetize

3d printing consulting

We are well-versed in additive manufacturing. Let us help you embrace 3D printing in your core manufacturing  operations

IoT and Operating technology security

Let us help you strengthen your technical operations with IoT security consulting and manufacturing  operations management

Imagine being on the top of the table in your industry niche? All of this and more can be achieved with our manufacturing consulting services. Reach out to us and discover the impact.