Supply Chain Management Consulting

Reduce Inventory and Streamline Procurement Activities

Manufacturing Resource Network offers supply chain management services to allow your manufacturing facility to address your major cost drivers and make your enterprise more competitive in price and delivery. Our supply chain experts are available to help you reduce inventory and streamline your procurement activities by supporting your corporate strategy objectives to ensure your company operates as efficiently as possible.

Consider updating your old equipment with state-of-the-art componentry. Look to automate those repetitive tasks that can reduce labor. Our highly experienced professionals provide comprehensive, cost-saving supply chain solutions as well as create, communicate, and implement innovative strategic plans and vision. What does this means for your company? We can drive bottom-line results by effectively influencing supply chain sourcing and inventory efficiency.

A few of our supply chain management services include:

  • Procurement Assessment: Assess your current spend and opportunities, review and evaluate your current procurement system to identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • Procurement Process Mapping: Create a general understanding of current processes, clearly identify where changes in are needed.
  • Supplier Development: Work collaboratively with current suppliers to improve or expand capabilities .
  • Supplier Rationalization: Rationalize the supply base to ensure utilization of the right suppliers and the right amount of suppliers.
  • Logistics and Distribution Management: Ordering and managing inventory, imports, exports, and brokerage.

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A word about our management consulting services team

Our team comprises consultants who work strategically at professional levels while showcasing their experience in leading large business functions. Every member of the team has expertise in their own right in various operational fields across a multitude of end-to-end supply chain management services and reshoring supply chain services.

Most of our consultants have worked as directors for major companies. Their know-how enables Manufacturing Resource Network to offer a broad level of business expertise. As well as, we also help businesses who are planning to bringing production and manufacturing to their native country through reshoring supply chain. The team works zealously to assist you with guidance on manufacturing in supply chain management alongside result-driven sourcing and procurement advice.

Working for your project, the team helps in every step of the supply chain optimization. The esteemed professionals also offer collective guidance and management consulting services on intermittent topics such as logistics networks, infrastructures, warehousing, and transport management.

Challenges we undertake

Our supply chain management consulting services are focus-driven on specific changes and challenges our clients are going through. To that end, we provide comprehensive support with the help of our analysis and peer recommendations. Helping you devise clear, pragmatic, and effective solutions, we address supply chain management challenges such as:

Sales and operations consulting

We work to help our clients simplify the integrated planning process. Our consulting makes a mark by improving the companywide S& OP process through targeted approaches to monthly planning, inventory optimization supply chain planning, trade promotions, revenue growth management, and product life cycle management.

Sustainability manufacturing consulting

Addressing the end-to-end supply chain footprint, we support our customers by providing ample opportunities for sustainable development. Our supply chain management services aim to create a roadmap and then integrate tangible operations into manufacturing operations.  Our consulting also helps strengthen sustainable supply chain management.

Logistics consulting

Working on refining warehousing and distribution, we analyze the design network of the logistics of the company. We work our way through complications by running tenders, outsourcing operations, changing locations, and running manufacturing improvement projects. Our team allows companies to reduce costs while drawing out better logistics supported by our benchmarking supplychain management consulting services.

Digital improvement consulting

At MRN, we understand how the supply chain can be better empowered with digital tools. The systems and data integration can help reduce the time of operations while driving better revenue. We help you in understanding which data should be used where and how to integrate accurate data sources across systems. Our supply chain management consulting services translate data into valuable insights that lead to actionable improvements.

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