Manufacturing Process Improvement Consulting

Process Improvement, Design and Development

MRN has the experience your manufacturing facility needs to improve current processes and production rates. We utilize lean initiatives to optimize the use of your company’s existing manpower and capital by reducing cycle time while improving product profitability. We offer a proven track record and broad experience in process improvement, design and development to ensure that we create the foundation for your company’s success.

Our Process Improvement Consulting Services Include:

  • Process Improvement Team facilitation including Strategic Goal Definition, Alignment of Objectives, Performance Measurement, and Metrics Development
  • Proficient in SPC, DOE, DFMEA, Continuous Improvement, and Zero Defect techniques
  • Supervisory skills assessment, development, coaching and training improving front line performance using behavioral and cultural change principles.

Our Design and Development Services include:

  • Proven expertise in design and manufacturing software including Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor, Mastercam, Camworks, and Cadkey
  • CAD drafting in 2D, 3D and solid modeling
  • Design for Manufacturability
  • Improvement of existing designs
  • Finite Element Analysis and Reverse Engineering services
  • Design of specialized equipment

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How our consulting works?

At MRN,  we bring new technologies and processes to the manufacturing floor, thereby helping companies perfect their process improvement.

Having over 25 years of experience in the manufacturing sector, MRN’s brings result-oriented process improvement consulting solutions to refine, define, and address various challenges such as evaluation, digitization, implementation, and production.

Cost analysis and reduction

Our consulting helps enterprises in identifying the cost drivers of the manufactured products. We work on processing and maximizing efficiencies to produce the most cost-effective products without compromising the quality. We take into account facets such as labor, overheads, invalid deductions, raw material, manufacturing costs, process reviews, and profit margins. We dig deeper into all aspects to identify the appropriate cost-saving approach for your company.

Design For Manufacturing (DFM)

We believe that a wiser way to enhance process improvement is to integrate it with DFM. We help your company adapt to this approach for easy development of parts that can be fabricated with other design modules. The process also ensures the standardization of materials and components. MRN’s process improvement consulting further includes minimizing part costs, creating modular assemblies, reducing manufacturing operations, and efficient assembly designing.

Equipment selection consulting

We work on the evaluation of your complete manufacturing process, production environment, and (where applicable) the manufacturing procedures for finalizing a product. We help businesses determine the best equipment needed for unique application requirements. Having exposure to the diverse manufacturing process, our product development consultant can be your helping hand in choosing the highest quality and competitively priced equipment.

Industrial Engineering consulting

Ourprocess improvement consulting can ensure that the ‘machine’ time is value-added while other non-value added activities are eradicated. We do this with the help of our intensive production process evaluation approach. Taking into consideration the entire production and machine parameters, we can simplify and advance your company’s machinery, setup time, speed, feeds, and work materials.

Supplier hiring consulting

Finding and retaining good suppliers has been an ever-evolving challenge for the manufacturing industry. We can bridge the gap between your company and ideal suppliers in the region. We ensure that you are getting quality products delivered at the right time at the right price. With our experience in the supplier development area, we can improve the reliability and flexibility of your entire supply base for process improvement. We will make sure that you can connect with independent risk-free partnerships.

Turn-key process improvement consulting

MRN is your complete manufacturing and management consulting solution provider. Our product development consultant helps our clients every step of the way right from the production line to the entire manufacturing process. Our advanced machining consulting can help improve critical processes. Acting as an hands-on advisor, we are always proactive in sharing our extensive knowledge and expertise to help you forge ahead.