3 Signs You Need an Interim Manager for Your Manufacturing Company

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If you aren’t familiar with the term “interim management,” you probably aren’t aware of all the benefits it can provide to your manufacturing company during transitional times or in crisis situations. Interim management refers to the temporary provision of management resources and skillsets to help handle changes within organizations. In recent years, it’s become a valuable means for troubleshooting management techniques and helping your business thrive more effectively over simply utilizing a management or manufacturing consultant.

An interim manager, therefore, is an individual who is highly experienced in your industry and can help your company efficiently solve a problem. Interim managers are able to think strategically, and they already understand how your business works. They can also help provide innovations, creative thinking and objective ideas.

Operational Improvement and Interim Managers

Today, more and more companies are utilizing interim managers as a solution to any number of internal issues. There are three main reasons to seek an interim manager to help with operational improvement at your facility. These include:

  1. You’re facing a looming business crisis. Perhaps a valued executive is leaving the company, or your team isn’t performing as effectively as they should be, causing a severe dip in profits. In times of crisis, it’s vital that you act quickly to find the solutions needed. Hiring an interim manager can only take a few days, and he or she can step right in to help address the issues your facility faces.
  2. You would like to take your time to find the right replacement. Finding a qualified, permanent replacement can take several months, but obviously, your business cannot afford to wait that long for leadership. Unlike a management or manufacturing consultant, interim managers are hired because of their current abilities, and they can advise on the situation and offer solutions. Additionally, rather than offering the solutions and leaving the implementation to you as a manufacturing consultant would, interim managers can also apply those solutions. In short, an interim manager can fill a key role while you are able to take more time finding the perfect candidate for the long term.
  3. You need an outside perspective on an upcoming or planned opportunity. Say your company is planning to launch a new product line, and you aren’t certain it will drive the results you’re seeking. An interim manager can offer a fresh perspective, taking on an advisory role while also being held accountable for those results. Basically, they can help deliver the outcome that provides the best return on investment for your business.

Interim Manufacturing Management Services from Manufacturing Resource Network

Manufacturing Resource Network can provide key management and executives for every department in your manufacturing facility. We offer flexible interim manufacturing management services for the short- or long-term – as long as your hiring process takes. Our hands-on professionals have the skills and experience you seek, ready to fill any role in your company while providing mentorship, assisting with strategic planning, serving as technical advisors and more.

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