Hiring A Manufacturing Management Consultant in 2019

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The success and profitability of your manufacturing facility is dependent upon your leadership team and the vision and skills they bring to the table. In order to maintain your competitive edge, there will be times when you need the help of a manufacturing management consultant to assist with operational improvement. 

When choosing a consultant, it’s important to choose a skilled candidate who not only fits in with current team, but who can also offer the skills that allows them to adapt to the role quickly and effectively. 

Signs You Need Help from a Manufacturing Consultant

More and more companies are utilizing external guidance as a solution to various internal issues. There are several reasons why your facility might need to explore this option.  

First, it can be difficult to keep up with the constant changing trends in the industry, including technical developments. It’s beneficial to tap into an outside source who can provide their expertise and a fresh perspective.

If your leadership team is planning to implement changes or launch a new product line, an external consultant might offer the skills and expertise you need but lack in-house. The consultant can help ensure you achieve the results you’re seeking.

Finally, if you feel as though your leadership team has exhausted all its internal resources and yet there is still room to improve efficiencies. Consultants can quickly step-in an ensure that the business continues to thrive.  

What to Look For in a Manufacturing Management Consultant

A consultant can provide the expertise needed to better improve your sourcing and manufacturing process, making both design and material recommendations and ensure you source and communicate with factories as efficiently as possible.

While you should focus on the candidate’s technical skills and competencies, you also want to partner with someone who as the right personality and behavioral traits to seamlessly fit in with your current team.

Here is what you should be looking for:

Process Expertise.  To be effective, the consultant should have a sophisticated understanding of an operation’s process. Make sure the candidate you partner with can clearly communicate how to increase process efficiency, as well as handle the design and implementation of new processes.

Understands Performance Metrics. The best consultants see the big picture. They understand how to analyze data to look for new ways to boost profitability and productivity of operations. Metrics such as production cost per unit, labor cost, efficiency, and utilization of space are closely monitored to reveal a project’s strengths, weaknesses and potential risks down the road.

Can Communicate Effectively. Strong interpersonal communication skills are a must. It’s critical for a consultant to know how to communicate goals and implementation strategies.  Additionally, the ability to quickly build relationships with others is also key to their overall success.

Manufacturing Management Consulting Services from Manufacturing Resource Network

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