Emerging Trends in Lean Manufacturing 2024

Sandro Galindo Management, Operations, Process Development

Manufacturers need to stay ahead of the curve for sustained success. As we set our sights on 2024, the principles of lean manufacturing continue to play a pivotal role in transforming how industries operate. At our manufacturing process design and development consulting firm, we recognize the dynamic nature of lean manufacturing and the need to embrace emerging trends that redefine …

Inventory Analysis

The Power of Inventory Analysis: Tips & Benefits

Sandro Galindo Management, Operations

In manufacturing, precision and efficiency reign supreme, and optimizing every aspect of your operation is crucial. Among the several factors influencing success, effective inventory management stands out as a linchpin. At Manufacturing Resource Network, we specialize in empowering engineered-to-order companies through comprehensive inventory analysis. Inventory analysis is more than just counting products on shelves. It’s a strategic approach that involves …

Lean Manufacturing 5S

Lean Manufacturing 5S to Boost Efficiency and Cut Costs

Sandro Galindo Management, Operations, Process Development

Are you seeking innovative ways to stay ahead of the game like every manufacturer today? One proven approach is Lean Manufacturing, a systematic method that maximizes efficiency while minimizing waste. Among the many tools in the Lean Manufacturing toolkit, the “5S” methodology stands out as a powerful strategy for streamlining operations, enhancing productivity, and ultimately, reducing costs. If you’re in …

Hiring A Manufacturing Management Consultant in 2019

Gerry Consulting, Management, Operations

The success and profitability of your manufacturing facility is dependent upon your leadership team and the vision and skills they bring to the table. In order to maintain your competitive edge, there will be times when you need the help of a manufacturing management consultant to assist with operational improvement.  When choosing a consultant, it’s important to choose a skilled …

5 Signs Your Supply Chain Management Needs an Upgrade

Gerry Consulting, Management, Operations

Supply chain management is not just an integral part of your business, it’s also essential to your company’s success. It boosts customer service by keeping your customers satisfied, as they know they can count on your business to meet their needs in a timely, cost-effective matter. Additionally, supply chain management can reduce your operating costs and budget, and it can …

How Interim Management Can Save Money

Jordan Consulting, Management, Operations

When you lose an upper-level employee, everything from production timelines to your company stock price can be affected. In fact, research has shown that replacing a well-educated CEO can cost up to 213% of their annual salary, partly because of training new employees, paying overtime and lost productivity. However, hiring an interim manager can help you to negate these expenses …

Getting the Most out of an Interim Manager

Gerry Consulting, Management, Operations

After your manufacturing facility has recognized the needs for an interim manager – whether because you’re facing some sort of business crisis or you need to take ample time to find the perfect replacement to fill a key leadership role – the first step is obviously obtaining the right person for the interim job. How to Attract the Perfect Interim …

A Manufacturing Management Consultant’s Best Advice for Increasing Profits

Jordan Operations

There’s no doubt that the manufacturing industry is competitive. In fact, Fortune magazine predicted that by the year 2020 the United States will surpass China as the number one country for manufacturing, making our country the most competitive manufacturing economy in the world. Today, success in the manufacturing industry lies in utilizing advanced technologies, the availability of proper materials and …