Case Study: Addressing Bottlenecks and Poor Employee Engagement

Jordan Management

Learn how MRN partnered with a sporting goods equipment manufacturer to address leadership and employee engagement challenges.

Industry: Sporting Goods

Role Served: Vice President of Operations

Situation: The client, a supplier of products used in the manufacture of sporting goods, was desiring a change in their operations leadership.  Plant performance was consistently below par and a new spark was needed to re-energize a deflated workforce.

Opportunity: With monthly results stuck at an unacceptable level, the company sought external expertise. A Manufacturing Resource Network consultant was installed as the Interim VP of Operations to assess and correct a variety of problems.

Action Taken: MRN quickly recognized that the flow through the plant was not set up for success.  Bottlenecks existed within the supply of raw materials within the plant.  The emphasis on direct labor utilization was coupled with a blindness toward the needed indirect support.  A “next job ready” attitude was installed to assure that the internal supply lines were never interrupted.  Supplying the conversion processes with raw materials on an unfailing basis drove direct utilization upward and productivity improved.  Daily scheduling and review meetings with the hourly indirect workforce instilled a sense of pride in them.  The positive results were communicated regularly and success became contagious.  Employees were recognized for their achievements.  A second shift was added and output soared.

Results: In four months, MRN helped turn the company around and achieved these results:

Throughput improved by 40%

Past Due Orders fell by 60%

Profitability returned to expected levels

MRN participated in the hiring process for a new site operations leader.

About MRN

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