The Benefits of an Interim Manager before a Permanent Hire

Jordan Consulting, Management

In recent years, hiring an interim manager has become a valuable means not only for troubleshooting management techniques, but also for helping your business reach its goals more effectively over simply utilizing a management consultant. And, when your manufacturing facility is in the midst of the hiring process, interim managers can provide the direction and leadership your organization needs to thrive.

Interim Management: Is it Right for Your Organization?

First, it’s important to understand what an interim manager is, as well as the role he or she can play in your organization. Interim management refers to the temporary provision of management resources and skillsets to help handle any type of change your facility may be facing. For instance, one situation an interim manager can be extremely helpful in is when you’ve lost an employee in a key leadership role.

You’ll find manufacturing consulting companies who specialize in interim management and can help you fill c-suite positions after an upper-level employee leaves for another opportunity, retires or passes away. If you’re in the middle of searching for the perfect permanent replacement for an important position in your organization, you know this process can be extremely time-consuming. You want to find the perfect candidate for the role, but you can’t leave your company without leadership. This is where hiring an interim manager becomes key to your success. He or she can fill that role while you take the time you need to find the perfect candidate.

Benefits of Hiring an Interim Manager before a Permanent Replacement

  1. They offer creative solutions and innovative thinking – right now. Interim managers generally can start right when you need them to, and their skills and experience can have an immediate impact on your organization. They offer an outside, fresh perspective on the issues your company may be experiencing and can create solutions others may not have considered.
  2. They understand your business and can jump right in with little onboarding. Along with starting right away, interim managers are experts at being adaptive to a business’s culture. They can help ensure projects are carried out to the fullest extent as well as to your organization’s high standards, right at the onset of their role with your company.
  3. It’s an affordable solution. Interim managers can save your organization money in three ways. First, they fill urgent gaps to deliver your product or services so there is no downtime. Second, their expertise allows for faster implementation of processes or changes needed to ensure your facility’s success. Finally, you can ensure you’re taking the time needed to find the right permanent replacement, rather than rush to hire an unqualified candidate, pay him or her a large salary and benefits, only to realize this person is not a good fit for your company, thus starting the hiring process all over again.

Interim Manufacturing Management Services from Manufacturing Resource Network

If you’re seeking a qualified interim manager to fill a key role at your manufacturing facility, Manufacturing Resource Network can provide management and executives for every department in your company. Let us help by allowing us to serve as a temporary manager or executive-level team member throughout your hiring process, no matter how long that process takes. MRN takes pride in having experienced executives who can easily step in and perform daily duties while you look for a permanent replacement.

Contact us today to find out more about interim management services from MRN.